Janet/Sam fanfic

Art of the Ascended

Featuring characters from Stargate SG1.

For the fish-like-bikes ficathon. It is supposed to contain the kinks of "modification of character's appearance", "sex in public" and "sharing". I've also dared to try and be a bit stylish with the prose.


Featuring characters from Stargate SG1.

Sequel to "Shifting Views". Note that this features the alternate Samantha Carter from "Points of View", and the Janet Fraiser and Beta Site in the universe she came from and returned to. So it really has very little from the actual show, and is definitely somewhere out in the grey zone between fanfic and original fic.

Femslash100 drabbles and other short pieces

Featuring characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Stargate SG1.

Collecting point for drabbles and other pieces too short to warrant a document of their own. Which, roughly, means stuff of less than a thousand words.


Featuring characters from Stargate SG1.

A silly idea that insisted it wanted out.

The Tale of Princess Janet and Sir Carter

Featuring characters from Stargate SG1.

I got this idea while working out...

Amazon Nation

SG-X, part 1

Featuring characters from Stargate SG1 and Xena: Warrior Princess.

An SG team finds a planet where any men are attacked on sight. A special all-female team consisting of Major Carter, Doctor Fraiser and the Lieutenants Satterfield and Hailey is formed and sent to investigate. It quickly becomes obvious that there are many questions to answer. Who are these people? Why do they look like they do? What kind of creature is their goddess? And, above all, what will Sam do when it looks like Janet is about to marry the Amazon queen?

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