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A module for talking to Lyskom servers. Lyskom is a conference system, in which Calle spends far too much time (6.7 years of logged-on time and counting). The primary place for discussion about Net::Lyskom is, naturally enough, in Lyskom. Log on to Lysator's server ( and join the "Perlkom" conference. You can get the module itself off of CPAN.


A script that imports RSS feeds to Lyskom. You can get the latest version of it here. The documention is included in the file, as POD.


This Site


The cyberPoMo website is built with the Apache webserver, the Perl bindings to it and the HTML::Mason module(s) on top of that. It's got an absolutely silly amount of automation for the amount of content it has. And I keep adding more, as my flighty interest passes by some new cool technology.

At the moment, the server has these modules loaded:


Not Calle's Perl Project Any More



I wrote the first few versions of this module back in 1997. I have hardly looked at it since. Randal Schwartz called my code "insane". Do you really want me to do anything to it these days?


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